aBetterChemText.com is a new way to look at Chemistry. It is written in plain English to make it accesible and is designed to be ever growing and expanding.

The Text is webbed, rather than linear, to acknowledge the interconnections that link all aspects of chemistry and to allow students and teachers to move seamlessly through the material in any order that they deem appropriate.

For Students

aBetterChemText.com offers students a new way to approach chemistry. The text is fully linked, so that all vocabulary words can take you to a full description of that term, rather than just providing a quick definition. The text is written in plain English, so that the information is easily accessible and understandable. The sample problems are fully worked out by hand so that your work matches the sample.

In addition, a student forum is provided so that students can post comments and questions and respond to each other. This forum is monitored by an experienced chemistry teacher who can also give insights and help on various issues.

For Teachers

aBetterChemText.com offers a new way for teachers to approach their subject, allows freedom that normal texts don't and invites you to join in the process. As a teacher, I have been frustrated with several aspects of traditional chemistry textbooks. Some of these issues include the strict use of SI units (instead of atmospheres, or calories), the order of topics presented, and the failure to provide enough problems for students to work though.

It is the purpose of this text to solve as many of these problems (and others) as possible. Mathematical formulas are presented in SI units on one page and identical formulas are presented on identical pages using other common chemical units. The topics are webbed with all relevant, interconnected ideas linked so that these topics can be presented in your class in any order and students will be able to make use of the text as is, and will be able to find explanations for any relevant terms that have not yet been covered (or that they've forgotten) easily. The site is searchable, so that any term or concept can be easily found.

Lastly, since I have never been satisfied with any text, it is the intention of aBetterChemText.com to be an ongoing, changing resource. All chemistry teachers have different priorities and interests and as a result no textbook will satisfy every teacher. Using the power of the web, aBetterChemText.com hopes to work toward that ultimate goal of giving every teacher what they want. Books, once purchased are static and unchangeable, but the web is infinately flexible. We invite you, the folks in the chemistry classrooms, to join us in the creation of a truly universal text. If there is something you don't see, or don't see enough of, tell us. we'll add it or expand it. If there's a mistake, as I'm sure that there will be, let us know and we'll fix it. This is your text as much as it is ours. Let's make it everything we want.

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