Let's get this out of the way, right up front – there is no such thing as suction. Suction, the pulling of something by a lower pressure or by a vacuum does not happen. It is impossible to pull uncharged, non-magnetic things (like gas particles, people, cats, laptops, and suction cups) if you cannot grab them. Since air cannot grab things and a vacuum (which is nothing) certainly cannot grab things, they cannot pull. What we think of as suction is really a pushing from the opposite direction.

For instance when, in a movie, the door of the space ship is opened, the people get “sucked” out into space. But, outside the ship is nothing (it's huge, I'll grant you, but it is still nothing). So nothing can pull them out of the ship. What actually happens is that the air inside the ship is pushing out against the walls. If a wall (or door) is suddenly removed, the air continues pushing in that direction, but with nothing to resist its movement, the air rushes out, and can push things out as it moves. People are pushed out of space ships, they are not pulled.

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