The 2-Property Gas Laws

There are a number of different gas laws, but 5 of them can be grouped together, because these five laws all concern how one property of a gas varies with a change in one other. For instance, Boyle's Law looks at the relationship between the volume of a gas and its pressure. Another law compares the amount of a gas in a container and the pressure of the gas. What all of these laws have in common is that they all concern two properties at a time with the assumption that the other two properties DO NOT CHANGE. In other words, the relationship between volume and pressure that is described by Boyle's Law is ONLY valid if the temperature and amount are held constant.

For each law, we will look at what the law says, how to represent that mathematically, how to represent it graphically and then the reason behind the law – that is why are the two properties related in the way that they are.

The laws which fall in this category are:

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