Table of Contents

Before you can begin studying chemistry, there are some basic things (ideas and math skills) that you need to have mastered.

Once you have mastered those pre-chemistry items, you should begin by looking at atomic history and atomic structure. At this point you may want to look into nuclear science. This will lead into a study of modern electron theory. Modern electron theory will lead you to periodicity and then to bonding and nomenclature.

You will need to understand moles (the basic unit of measurement in chemistry) and then you can look at phases and phase changes, condensed states of matter (solids and liquids), gases, and mixtures.

Understanding mixtures should lead you you to study reactions and then stoichiometry.

At that point you will be ready to look at calorimetry and thermochemistry. That will be followed by kinetics and then equilibrium.

Lastly, you will want to study acids and bases as well as electrochemistry.

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