Converting between multiple units

When converting between multiple units (say between grams and liters of a gas or between number of particles and volume of solution) you must use moles as a stepping stone to get from one to the other. In other words, there is no direct connection between grams and liters of a gas, however grams can be converted to moles and then moles can be converted to liters of gas.

Let's look at a few example problems:

If 36.9 g of neon gas are placed in a balloon at STP, what will the volume of the balloon be?

To solve this, we will use the factor label method as before, but will have an extra fraction.





How many molecules of sucrose (table sugar) are there in a 4.56 L of a 1.08 M solution?








What is the mass of 3.25x1024mc of sodium acetate?

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