Converting Between Moles and Particles

To convert between moles and the number of particles we will use the factor label system from the first unit.

Remember that a mole of anything is defined as 6.022x1023 of that item. In other words a mole of cats is 6.022x1023 cats and 6.022x1023 water molecules is a mole of water.

Let's try a few problems

How many atoms can be found in 3.91 moles of xenon?










If you had a bottle that contained 5.69x1024 molecules of water, how many moles of water does the bottle hold?




Note: when the substance occurs as individual atoms (like a noble gas) we use 6.022x1023 atoms in the problem. When the substance occurs in molecules (like water) then we use 6.022x1023 molecules. The math is IDENTICAL, only the units change to match the substance.

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